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Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs, increase comfort, or manage light control solutions, Lutron products offer the flexibility you need with the energy savings you want.

Lutron is committed to providing top-notch service for each of its innovative products and systems. Explore the array of service options available to our customers, as well as an exhaustive collection of technical resources and materials.




Elegant Controls 

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with a single touch— spark the senses and curate magical experiences using light as your canvas. The Alisse wall control integrates cutting-edge technology and timeless design that is intuitive and completely personalised to your needs.

Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Alisse wall control delivers a truly unique lighting experience. The sleek architectural design, innovative technical approach and customizable controls make Alisse a seamless addition to any room.

Made from genuine materials and available in a variety of exquisite finishes, the Alisse wall control is luxury embodied. Each Alisse wall control is customised to complement your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Complete each wall control with tailor-made button configurations and custom engravings for exclusively personalised light control.


Palladiom Keypads combine subtle elegance with architectural design. The Keypads allow the control of lights, blinds/drapes and HVAC from one location, providing the optimal user experience.

Architectural aesthetic, intuitive operation

SUBTLE ELEGANCE FOR ANY SPACE Buttons and faceplates are flush to each other and feature consistent material to create a clean, minimalist look. 


Large, tactile buttons with backlit, engraved text are simple to operate and easy to find in a darkened room.


This elegant design works in any environment, if its in your home or work place.

Beautiful light Intelligent blinds Powerful controls All working harmoniously

Smart Lighting Controls Switch's and blinds controlled from anywhere

With RA2 Select smart dimmers or Homework's, you don't need to buy smart bulbs to enjoy smart lighting. Additionally, since each dimmer switch can control multiple bulbs, you get a lot more control. 

Lutron smart blinds work seamlessly with RA2 Select  or Homework's to control all the light in your home for ultimate convenience and security.

Ra2 Select & Homeworks.

Sivoia QS Shades

Ultra-quiet Operation

Sivoia QS Wireless maintains the ultra-quiet performance and precision blind alignment that is the hallmark of advanced shading solutions by Lutron.

Window treatments start, move and stop in unison, maintaining perfect alignment with each other. Minimal, symmetrical 3/4" in (19.05 mm) light gaps ensure maximum window coverage

For over 20 years, Lutron shading solutions have helped conveniently control daylight, while also saving energy. Today, we offer over seven different styles of window treatments in a variety of colours, textures, and  fabrics that are sure to enhance any décor.


  • Bedrooms 
  • Home theatre
  • Office Spaces
  • Master Bedrooms 
  • Bathrooms
  • Nursery's 
  • Garden Office/ Bars

Whether it is reducing glare on a computer screen or harvesting daylight to reduce the need for electric light, Sivoia QS  allows employees to create the right amount of light they need to do their job. In conference rooms, you can easily lower blackout shades for an A/V presentation without disrupting the meeting.

From the touch of a button, set the perfect scene for a late night movie or an afternoon game. Sivoia QS  gives you total control of daylight at your fingertips.


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